1.1. Geophysical Marine Research-and-Training Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a complete complex of instruments and equipment, which provide practical work in the field for the undergraduate students, specialist and master degree students in the following specialities: ‘Oceanology’, ‘Hydrography’, ‘Hydroecology’, ‘Meteorology’, ‘Water Biological Resources’ (in the Mariculture section) and scientific research in the respective areas.

In particular, the list of instruments and equipment includes: a moor with a motor vessel, complexes of controlling and measuring instruments for marine environment conditions (hydrochemical indices of the water, wave phenomena, sea currents, flow velocity, volume, intensity, water temperature, depth measurement etc.). The laboratory is equipped with a meteorological instrument ground which provides full complex of meteorological observations of atmospheric conditions; devices, needed for assessment of biological conditions of the marine environment, the influence of sea waves on coastal condition, as well as the automated complexes for handling information, which determine the assignment of the laboratory equipment.

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