1.2. Meteorological Research-and-Training Laboratory

The Meteorological Research-and-Training Laboratory, above all things, provides studies and research for such specialities as ‘Meteorology’, ‘Agricultural meteorology’, ‘Radiometeorology and Radiolocation’. The laboratory is equipped with a number of meteorological instrument grounds which enable full complex of measurements of environmental conditions, in particular – parameters of the atmospheric air (wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, data on air temperature at various levels etc.), as well as agrometeorological data (soil temperature at various depths, humidity, physical indices of soil etc.). Experimental instrument grounds for conducting research into assessment of the influence of meteorological factors on various crops, are also situated in the territory of the laboratory. Agroclimate research is provided by a biotron.

The work of radiometeorologists is enabled by the following laboratory equipment: radiometry devices for estimation of the state of the atmosphere at various altitudes, meteorological radars and cloud seeding facilities

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