The second International Science on-line Conference of the Series “Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing”


The second Science on-line Conference of the Series

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing”: Advances in Quantum Systems and Intelligent Computing – AISC-QSC

(9-11 December 2018, Odessa State Environmental University)


        Зміст проведеної роботи:  З 9 грудня по 11 грудня 2018р. на базі Одеського державного екологічного університету (ОДЕКУ) МОН України при організаційній підтримці кафедри вищої та прикладної математики була проведена міжнародна on-line конференція of series Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing: Advances in Quantum Systems and Intelligent ComputingAISCQSC.  В конференції прийняли участь  65 провідних учених, фахівців, молодих учених, магістрантів, студентів, школярів вітчизняних та зарубіжних вищих та середніх навчальних закладів.

       The 2nd AISC-QSC Conference brought together researchers and practitioners (young and experienced) interested in strengthening the scientific foundations in computational physics, chemistry and mathematics of quantum systems and intelligent quantum computing and engineering. The traditional concepts of scientific conferences are improved by modern communication technology. The 2nd AISC-QSC’2017 used innovative methodology to allow scientists, postdocs and doctoral students, scholers to share their knowledge and ideas on-line. This makes scientific conferencing more environmentally-friendly and ecological as well as more economical for participants too. There are no travel costs or accommodation costs.

  • Organizing Committee Chair: Alexander Glushkov, DSc., Prof. 
  • Program Committee Chairs: Olga Khetselius, DSc., Prof.; Andrey Svinarenko, DSc., Prof.; Yuliya Dubrovskaya, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.; Anna Ignatenko, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.;
  • Local Committee: Vasil Buyadzhi, Ph.D., Elena Bakunina, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.; Yuliya Chernyakova, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.; Inga Serga, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.; Larisa Vitavetskaya, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.;

        AISC-QSC is focused on the high-quality, original papers that address the theory, development and evaluation of ideas, tools, techniques and methodologies in Quantum, Systems and Intelligent Computing (but not limited to) the following topics: In more detail, the main topics of the reports of the participants included new Advanced intelligent computational methods and solutions for a number of the most pressing issues of modern quantum mathematics, chemistry, physics (in particular, quantum geometry and algebra, quantum optics, spectroscopy, laser physics, dynamics of atomic and nuclear systems, atomic and molecular systems in strong external fields, new concepts and methods in quantum chemistry, physics, mathematics, relativistic effects in quantum systems, molecular structure, dynamics and spectroscopy, atomic, electronic collisions, molecular and nano-materials, electronics, quantum informatics; Special topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Algorithms in Quantum Systems and IntelComputing,  etc.).

Paper Submission Instructions and Submission Process (Deadline – May 15):

        The AISC-QSC conference Proceedings is planned to  be published in the Springer Series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing – ISSN 2194-5357. This series (proceedings) is indexed by all major indexing databases (Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar etc). Authors will prepare a full conference paper following the structure “ Introduction – Methods – Results – Discussions” + copyright form, if the paper is accepted. The manuscript should not exceed 10 pages. It is a condition of publication that all papers must be written in clear and grammatically correct English. At least three reviewers will evaluate the submission in a blind-peer review. Authors will be informed by e-mail about the acceptance results and further the details of the payment process (EUR 370,- per accepted paper; The conference fee includes the Springer proceedings of the section in which the paper is presented)

Contact: Department of Mathematics, Odessa State Environmental University, of. 408, bld.15,  L’vovskaya str., Odessa, 65016; E-mail:


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