MSc Programmes – Law

Integration into the global processes of finding solutions to the topical environmental issues, adaptation of national environmental law to the legal system of the EU, harmonization with environmental law in other foreign countries, shaping up new strategic principles of the National Environmental Policy requires training of highly skilled professionals who are able to participate in the improvement of the system of environmental law and its individual sectors, further environmentally responsible decisions, organize effective implementation of the regulations of environmental law into environmental, law enforcement and human rights practice.

Training of Master students in the specialty of ‘Law’, specialization of’Environmental Policy and Law’ at Odessa State Environmental University is conducted by the graduation office of the Department of Environmental Law and Control.

The core for training of the specialists is formed by the disciplines of environmental, law and economic-and- administrative cycles that ensure appropriate level of basic higher and specialised education.

Educational-and-professional programme of ‘Environmental

Policy and Law’ of the Master level include, as expected outputs, comprehension and assessment of a wide range of environmental problems in terms of intellectual and practical skills and professional competences.

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