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Regulations on the Faculty: Regulations on the faculty of MPT

Faculty Academic Council: the Staff of Academic Council of the MPT Faculty

The Dean’s Office of Master and Postgraduate Training was established by the Rector’s Order on the grounds of the Resolution of the Academic Council’s  of the University of 27 March 2003, in pursuance of the Letter of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 11 September 2003  # 10 / 1-998 and is subordinated to the Vice-Rector for Research.

The activities of the Dean’s Office as a structural part of Odessa State Environmental University is governed by the effective legislation, OSENU Charter, Regulations on the Organization of Educational Process at Odessa State Environmental University.

The participants of the educational process, in accordance with the Article 52 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Higher Education’ are: applicants to Higher Education – master and graduate students, doctoral students; leading research and teaching staff, specialists; representatives of enterprises, institutions and organizations involved in the educational process

Training of Master students at the University is made in lines of the full-time and the distance learning under the licensed specialties. Citizens of other countries get the degree from the Faculty.

Education-and-research training lasts 2 years in the line of full-time study; educational-and-professional training lasts 1.5 years in the line of the full-time study and 2 years in the one of the distance learning.

The main tasks of the Dean’s Office are: implementation of the right of the citizens to higher education; provision of conditions for mastering the knowledge system and self-actualization of personalities; meeting the needs of the society and the state in skilled personnel.

The Dean’s Office coordinates the research work of students and activities of the Scientific Student Association at OSENU, carrying out annual student conferences at the University, All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Students and Graduate Students ‘Current status and environmental quality of some regions’ annual scientific conferences of young scientists of OSENU, All-Ukrainian Student Contest in Environmental Science.

Students of the Faculty are actively involved in sports life of the University and defend its honor in sports competitions of different levels, ranging from the ones of the faculty to the international contests and tournaments.

Currently the Dean’s Office is headed by Galyna O.Borovska, Candidate of Science (Geography), senior lecturer of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology.

The Faculty consists of the departments of:

  • Foreign Languages, Head: Izabella Yu. Pianova, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Physical Education, Head: Oleksandr G. Harasandzhiants, Associate Professor
  • General and Theoretical Physics, Head: Oleg I.Gerasymov, Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor

Organization of efficient work at the Faculty is assisted by:

  • Olena T. Vitovska, Candidate of Science (Geography), Head of the Graduate School.


Galyna O.Borovska,

Candidate of Science (Geography), senior lecturer of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology

Заступник декана з навчальної роботи


Deputy Dean for Tutorship

Olga Yu. Kudelina,

senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages


Natalia V. Romanova



  • Address: 15 Lvivska Street, Odessa, 65016, Ukraine
  • Office: 210, Building #1
  • Tel.: +38 0482 326 758
  • e-mail: magistr@odeku.edu.ua

  • Radiology Laboratory
  • Educational Laboratory of Physics


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