BSc Programmes – Earth Sciences

Specialists in the hydrometeorological direction have been trained at the University since the first day of its establishment as a higher education institution. To date, training of Bachelors, Masters, Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Sciences in the area of Hydrometeorology is concentrated in the specialty 103 ‘Earth Sciences’ on the basis of the research and educational Hydrometeorological Institute, the Faculty of Master and Postgraduate Training and the Sub-Faculty of Military Training.

Training of students in the specialty 103 ‘Earth Sciences’ is conducted according to the educational programmes of:

Meteorology, Agrometeorology and Economics of the Climate Change;
Hydrology, Oceanolography and Water Resources Management;
Management of Hydrometeorological Activities;
At the second level of the higher education, Master of Science in the specialty 103 ‘Earth Sciences’, the University conducts training of specialists in the specializations of:

Meteorology and Climatology, with the graduation office of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology;
Hydrology-the Department of Land Hydrology;
Oceanology and Hydrography – the Department of Oceanology and Marine Nature Management;
Agrometeorology – the Department of Agrometeorology and Agrometeorological
Training of military hydrometeorologists on the basis of the Sub-Faculty of Military Training is carried out under the training programmes for permanent officers as well as officers of the reserve. It is under the specialty 103 ‘Earth sciences’ that MOS (military occupational specialty code) specialties ‘Organization of Provision of Meteorological and Geophysical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine’,

‘Processing and Analysis of Hydrometeorological (Meteorological) and Geophysical Information’ are licensed.

The Hydrometeorological Institute has been cooperating with the UNO Specialized Agency, the World Meteorological Organization, under the Voluntary Assistance Programme. Currently, active work is being done to establish a regional training center on the basis of the Hydrometeorological Institute of Odessa State Environmental University, in accordance with the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization.


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