Scientific research

Research work of the Department of Information Technologies is implemented in the course of educational and research activities of the Department’s staff and students which cover first-priority trends of information technologies development and innovations in the educational sphere.

Over 2009-2013 the Department’s research work dealt with the following topic: “Use of methods of information technologies to improve the processes of specialists training and environmental objects research” (state registration No. 0104U00046). While working on the research topic the staff developed new and improved existing hardware and software methods and environmental objects research means. The obtained results were also implemented into the educational process of specialists tra

The following were the first-priority trends of research associated with the research topic:

  • “Analysis and classification of colour models and methodology for their use when teaching computer graphics”
  • “Classification of training and monitoring programs and development of the concept of their use to automate the process of specialists training”
  • “Development of geographic information system aimed at modelling of water bodies’ hydrological regime after their regulation”
  • Mathematical modelling of nonlinear physical processes taking place in nuclear reactors with internal security”
  • “Application of asymptotic methods for solving discrete control problems”

The Department’s staff and postgraduate students actively participate in international scientific and practical conferences,

workshops and round tables.

Students and post graduate students get actively involved in the research work of the department. The department operates a student scientific circle where students can prepare themselves for participation in competitions, a student scientific workshop on digital creativity, a student scientific workshop on nanotechnologies and molecular computers. Every year students take prizes of various students’ papers contests and participate in competitions and conferences such as:

  1. International Competition “IT Planet”.
  2. All-Ukrainian Championship of Computer Talents “Golden Byte”.
  3. All-Ukrainian student competition on information science.
  4. All-Ukrainian student competition on Computer networks.
  5. All-Ukrainian student competition on programming.

Three doctoral and four candidate’s dissertations were defended since department’s establishment.

Members of the department act as official opponents of the academic degree dissertations covering the following specialities: “Design Works Automation Systems”, “Information Technologies”.

In 2013 a speciality 05.13.06 “Information Technologies” was introduced in the postgraduate department. With this speciality in mind the Department of Information Technologies provides training of highly qualified specialists for higher school.

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