BSc Programmes – Environmental Protection Technologies

Training of Bachelor and Master students in the specialty of ‘Environmental Protection Technologies’ is aimed at the students’ gaining the knowledge of methods and means of protection of the environment, the ability to apply modern sector-appropriate technology to protect ecosystems. The programme is aimed at training of professional experts who are able to effectively solve practical and theoretical problems related to the protected elements of the environment.

At the first level of higher education training of Bachelor students in the specialty of ‘Environmental

Protection Technologies’ is provided by the graduation office of the Department of General and Theoretical Physics of the Faculty of Nature Protection under the two programmes:

Technologies of radiation monitoring of food and industrial products;
System radioccology, radiation safety, technological audit and control of the systems of environmental
At the subsequent levels of higher education training of Master and PhD student is offered in the following specializations:

Technologies and Systems of Environmental
In course of the training the students acquire competence in: development of technologies for protection of the environment from pollution and systems of environmental monitoring; modelling and assessment of environmental risks and creation of optimum, sustainable and scientifically substantiated forms for ensuring environmental security through the use of modern technologies developed to protect and restore the environment.

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