BSc Programmes – Tourism

Training under the specialty of ‘Tourism’ is mainly provided by OSENU graduation office of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Economics, namely the Department of Environmental Economics.

Training of the specialists is based on the disciplines of socio-humanitarian, natural scientific and economic cycles which, combined with the study of special courses and practical training, provide the appropriate level of training for the BA students for a degree in Tourism.

Applicants of higher education under the specialty 242 ‘Tourism’ have an opportunity to be trained under one of the two study programmes:

Green (Responsible) Tourism;
The ability to implement tourism projects, develop an environmentally friendly tourism product, conduct marketing research in tourism, provide legal support of tourist activity, make assessment and analysis of economic and environmental activities, financial and economic status of a travel company, analyze efficiency of resource management of travel industry on the principles of sustainable development, make reasoned management decisions, work out a strategy for development of a travel company with regard to environmental factors are the major professional competences, which are mastered by the OSENU graduates under the educational-and-professional programme in Tourism.

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