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Regulations on PhD training

The Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies is a structural unit of Odessa State Environmental University and its work is governed by the effective legislation, OSENU Charter, Regulations on the Organization of Educational Process at Odessa State Environmental University. Participants of the educational process, in accordance with the Article 52 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Higher Education’ are: applicants to Higher Education – master and graduate students, doctoral students; leading research and teaching staff, specialists; representatives of enterprises, institutions and organizations involved in the educational process

PhD training is carried out in lines of full-time studies and distance learning under the licensed specialties.

Education-and-research postgraduate programme of training lasts 4 years in the line of full-time study and distance learning; the research programme for the doctorate students lasts 2 years of full-time study.

The main tasks of the Department are: exercising the right of citizens to higher education; providing conditions for mastering of knowledge system; providing conditions for self-realization of personalities; ensuring the needs of society and the state in the personnel having the highest qualification personnel.

The Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies organizes educational process of training Doctors of Philosophy – at the graduate school, Doctors of Science at the doctoral studies:

  • administers annual admission of applicants to postgraduate and doctoral studies and prepares, in accordance with established procedures, the required documents, and submits them to the Selection Committee;
  • provides for efficient operation of Admission Examination Commission;
  • performs, in accordance with the examination results, drafting orders for admission to graduate studies and nomination for taking a course of training or expulsion from the graduate studies;
  • Supervises awarding scholarships under the legislation in effect.
  • Provides control over timely preparation of Master and Doctoral theses at the University, the timely appointment of research supervisors and approval of the thesis subjects of the graduate students and doctoral candidates, timely assessment of academic progress of the doctoral graduate students and implementation of individual curricula of postgraduate study, attendance of all kinds of classes,
  • advises the graduate students and the doctoral candidates on their rights and obligations, existing rules and procedures for drawing up of a thesis.

Currently, the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Study is headed by Olena T. Vitovska

Postgraduate study at Odessa State Environmental University is a form of research-and- academic training of qualified scientists which has been active since 1958.

Order #590 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 30 May 2016 “On Licensing Educational Activities at the Third Academic-and-Research Level” broadened the scope of educational activities in the graduate studies provided by Odessa State Environmental University in the area of:

Code Subject Area Specialty Licensed Quota
05 Social and Behavioral Sciences 051 Economics 5
10 NaturalSciences 101 EnvironmentalScience 7
103 Earth Sciences 25
183 EnvironmentalProtectionTechnologies 5
11 Mathematics and Statistics 113 AppliedMathematics 5


Information Technology


Computer Sciences and Information Technology


The Doctorate at Odessa State Environmental University is a form of training candidates for the Doctor of Science degree in the form of full-time studies in the following specialties:

Code Subject Area Specialty
05 Social and Behavioral Sciences 051 Economics
10 NaturalSciences 101 EnvironmentalScience
103 Earth Sciences

Most part of the studies conducted in this country are of the applied character and are basically aimed at finding solutions to hydrometeorological and environmental issues:

  • Scientific substantiation of the method for long-term territorial forecasting of maximum runoff characteristics under spring floods and its practical implementation in the plain territory of Ukraine.
  • The human impact on the physical-and-geographical system in the estuarine region of big rivers (the case of the Danube).
  • GIS models to provide assessment of anthropogenic load on the environment
  • Environmental issues associated with deterioration of the atmosphere and its impact on the environment at the global and the regional scale.
  • Environmental issues of sustainable management, restoration and protection of water, forest, flora and fauna, recreation-and-tourism resources
  • Economic aspects of sustainable development; economic aspects of the macroeconomic and the regional levels of nature management, international economic issues of environmental management.

Doctoral Graduates can be employed at managerial positions (given the required record of service and experience of organizational work) and the staff posts at higher education institutions, academic and institutional research organizations.

Over the latest two years OSENU staff defended 5 doctoral theses.

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