MSc Programmes – Economics

Training of specialists in the specialty of’Economics’ at the Odessa State Environmental University is carried out on the basis of the Department of Economics of Nature Management.

The ability to discern and determine specific features pertaining to particular manifestations of economic and environmental relations and specificity in operation of economic laws in the field of nature management, to identify environmentally sound priorities for the social and economic development of the society and to use the fundamental economic regularities and mechanisms in managing resource use processes, with the environmental factor taken account of; to analyze the occurrence of environmental and economic problems and conditions for provision of sustainable nature management; to develop options for management decisions and justify their selection on the basis of the criteria for socio-economic and environmental efficiency, to evaluate the efficiency of innovation and investment projects under the conditions of uncertainty are the principal professional competencies that OSENU graduates master under the educational and professional programme of 051 ‘Economics’.

Education of the Master level in this area is carried out under the specialty of ‘Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources’ and provides training of highly qualified specialists who are aware of the importance of greening the production for economic development and possess up-to-date knowledge in the field of economics of the environment and natural resources.

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