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The Nature Protection Faculty

According to ‘the Concept on Development of Odessa State Environmental University for the period of 2003-2007’ of 6 February 2006, it was decided to reorganize the structure of OSENU. The aim was to improve the teaching and professional training of students of the university. Three faculties were organized on the base of the Environmental Faculty and the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Management; they are: the Nature Protection Faculty, the Faculty of Environmental Science and Economics, the Faculty of Computer Science; besides, a new speciality of Water Bioresources was launched in 2006.

The faculty has 5 doctors of sciences, 21 candidate of sciences. All of them have a great experience in scientific, research and practical work. Together they form a mighty and variable scientific potential which helps to develop OSENU and qualitative training of students and scientific research.

Today the faculty trains specialists on Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of ‘Water Bioresources and Aquaculture’ (speciality of ‘Water Bioresources’), ‘Environmental Science, Environmental Control and Sustainable Nature Management’ (specialities of ‘Environmental Science and Environmental Control’, ‘Environmental Safety’, ‘Applied Environmental Science and Sustainable Nature Management’, ‘Radioecology’).

In the course of training and practices on the specialized laboratories of departments, hydroeclogical scientific training laboratory of the university in Maiaky (at the Dniester River) and also in the institutions and inspections of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine the students successfully gain their practical skills.

The training for all the specialities in MSc, PhD and doctoral studies are held in full-time and distance learning modes, and there also organized practical studies.

The disciplines taught at the department are fully provided with study guides and electronic versions of lectures. The work on elaboration of interactive ways of learning is being held too.

The active scientific work is being conducted at the faculty. The teachers and students take part in different scientific conferences. The research subjects are closely related to scientific areas of departments of the faculty.

Annually the International Scientific Conference of students, undergraduates and aspirants Environmental Quality State of Some Regions under the supervision of the ecology and environmental protection department is held. Various scientific hearings and contests are carried out at the departments. The scientific circles and seminars work at the departments; the teachers strive to ensure students to take part in public, sports and culture life of the university. Much attention is paid to the education process. Together with ecological and economical faculty, our faculty conducts The Day of Environment, Days of Departments, the Open Door days and this has become a good tradition at the university.

The international cooperation is of great importance in the development of the faculty. The researchers of the department participate in international projects as their experts. The work to implement international education agreements is underway.

The faculty has established wide business relations, permanent cooperation with many scientific and industrial institutions. These institutions have possibility to take our undergraduate students to practice. Practical work and field studies are conducted using modern equipment, techniques and software. All departments are well equipped by computer classrooms and laboratories of mathematical modelling, advanced scientific equipment. Much attention is paid to the future employment of graduates.

The faculty includes:

the Department of Environmental Science and Environmental Protection (Headed by Tamerlan A. Safranov, Doctor of Science (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor), and the Laboratory of Environmental Research

the Department of Hydroecology and Water Research (Headed by Nataliia S. Loboda, Doctor of Science (Geography), Professor), and the Laboratory of Geodesy and Geophysics

the Department of Water Bioresources and Aquaculture (Headed by Pavlo V. Shekk, Doctor of Science (Agriculture), Professor) and the Laboratory of Water Bioresources

the Department of Environmental Chemistry (Headed by Oleksandr N. Sofronkov, Doctor of Science (Technology) and the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry


Angelina V. Chugai, Candidate of Science (Geography), Associate Professor

  Deputy Dean for Studies:

Alla V. Kolisnyk, Candidate of Science (Geography), Associate Professor

  Deputy Dean for Tutorship:

Viktoriia A. Kuzmina, Senior Lecturer

Deputy Dean for International Relations:

Andrii I. Volkov, Candidate of Science (Geography), Associate Professor


Valentyna A. Kozlovtseva


  • Address: 15 Lvivska Str., Odessa, 65016, Ukraine
  • Office 402 (building No.2)
  • Tel. +38 0482 425 718; internal tel. 320
  • e-mail:

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