Training and Consulting Center of Distance Education

The Training and Consultancy Center of extramural and distance learning performs training of determinants and aspirants who expressed their willingness to obtain a complete higher education in the specialties licensed for the University.

In the extra-mural education emphasis is upon the self-study and in connection with this the Training and Consultancy Center introduced a wide spectrum of distance learning programmes that can provide the students with quite flexible possibilities and is suitable for the individuals with any kind of activity schedule.

The advantage of the distance learning, introduced at the University consists in its adaptability to a wide variety of organizational forms, probably being even more numerous than the ones in the traditional, on-campus, setting. It is due to this variety of structures for the courses, the technologies deployed and the ways of active engagement of students into the educational process that the particular needs and limitations of the entities or individual students could be more precisely discerned and taken account of in making a choice of the forms for the distance learning ensure an optimum match.

Every year sees an increase in the number of foreign students who take a course of study at Odessa State Environmental University under the extramural form or by the instrumentality of distance learning thus making the geographical coverage of countries, the representatives of which have chosen OSENU to obtain a higher education, more spacious.


Tel.: + 38 0482 326 755


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