Preparatory Department

Presently there offered three programmes of pre-university training at the Preparatory Department of the University:

  1. A One-Year Training for the Citizens of Ukraine on the basis of complete secondary education, 11-year education programme of secondary school, prior to the external independent testing.
  2. Pre-University Training for the Citizens of Ukraine for those having the background of basic secondary education, a 9-year education programme of secondary school. The mentioned education programme is provided for training of prospective students for the matriculation examinations at the particular subsidiary subdivisions of OSENU, namely, Kharkiv and Kherson Technical Colleges of Hydrometeorology and Odessa College of Computer Technologies.
  3. Pre-University Training for Foreign Citizens is carried out under the programme of complete course of education in the following fields of study:

– Economics;

– Engineering and Technology; Engineering and Economics;

– Health Care and Biology;

as well as language training cycle to master Ukrainian (Russian) language at the required level.

The main purpose of training foreign citizens is to study language as a means of communication, a tool of becoming a specialist and bring unification of knowledge of the trainees in the comprehensive disciplines in accordance with the level of training of pupils at comprehensive schools in Ukraine.

Foreign citizens, who successfully completed the curriculum of the full training course, will obtain a Standard Certificate approved by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine, enabling the holder to be enrolled at higher education establishments in Ukraine.

Tel.: + 38 0482 427 764



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