International Activities

OSENU, as a scientific institution, has been carrying out research into:

  • provision of weather forecasts and issuing timely warnings of hazardous weather phenomena for various areas of economic activity and kinds of organizations;
  • modelling of geophysical objects and tendencies of climate change, estimation of their impact on various fields of economic activity;
  • comprehensive and integrated study of water objects, development of science-based guidelines for the management of water regime and environmental conditions as well as prognostics of qualitative and quantitative changes in the future;
  • study of regularities in creation of hydrological,  hydrochemical and hydrobiological regimes in the off-shore and open seawater areas, modelling and prediction of their environmental conditions and  water dynamics as well as hydrodynamic processes in the coastal zones;
  • mathematical design for influence of weather conditions on the processes of productivity formation, development of new and improvement of the existent methods for agrometeorological prognosis of growth, development and productivity formation;
  • provision of hydrometeorological and geophysical data for the Air Force, the Army, the Artillery and Rocket Power and the NAVY.
  • management, economic and legal substantiation of nature protection activity.

At Odessa State Environmental University the following scientific schools have been designated:

Theoretical and Applied Hydrology (founders – Anatoliy Mykolaiovych Befani  – a world-renowned scientist, Doctor of Science (Engineering),  Professor and his successors Yevgen Dmytrovych Gopchenko – Doctor of Science (Geography), Professor, and Alexander Grygorovich Ivanenko – Doctor of Science (Geography),  Professor)

Simulation of Crop Productive Processes (founder – Anatolii Mykolaiovych Polovyi – Doctor of Science (Geography), Professor);

Fundamental and Applied Research into the Boundary Geophysical Layer (founder – Wolf Abramovych Schnaidman – Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor and his colleagues: Anatoliy Grygorovych Tarnopolskiy – Doctor of Science (Geography), Professor, and Sergiy Mykolaiovych Stepanenko – Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor).

Regional Oceanology. The founders of this school which was created and evolves on the basis of the oceanology department are Viktorina Fyodorovna SukhoveiDoctor of Science (Geography), Professor, Anatoliy Yerofeevich Filonov – Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, and their colleague Yuriy Stepanovych Tuchkovenko – Doctor of Science (Geography), Professor



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