• 14.12.2020

In a few years we will not need doctors, teachers, accountants, architects, clergy, consultants, lawyers and many others in demand in the twentieth century.
The publication generally questions the existence of professions in the XXI century. In 10-15 years, the market will need “universal fighters” who know several foreign languages, the basics of programming, have highly specialized knowledge in a particular field and most importantly – are able to quickly learn something new and forget the old. Classic “pure” professions will disappear. They will be replaced by technological and human systems.
Svitlana Gerasimenko, author of the educational project Professional X, and Ivetta Delikatna, ambassador of the University of Singularity in Ukraine (2011-2016), tell us how to learn how to develop yourself and how to react to changes in order not to become an outsider in 10 years.



Now professions that are being replaced by technology are disappearing en masse. Even in Ukraine, they have already forgotten about the classic taxi operator and switched to applications. All new professions are also associated with the advent of technology and service industries.
Probably in 10-15 years a robot rights lawyer or a city flow operator for autonomous cars will appear. Manufacturing professions will change dramatically when 3D printers stand in every neighborhood and print furniture, machines and even food for us.



In order to remain competitive in this new world, which will come very soon, in any case, you need basic knowledge: mathematics, language, basics of science.
The question is rather to decide on the future choice as soon as possible and start specializing as early as possible, without cluttering your head with unnecessary information. It is also important to constantly study how technology affects all areas of our lives, and to understand how you can use them in your profession. There will be no mono-professions, all of them will be connected in one way or another with the implementation of technological solutions.