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About university

Odessa State Environmental University was founded on 1 May 1932 in Kharkiv as Kharkiv Engineering Hydrometeorological Institute. Since July 1944 the institution was moved to Odessa and renamed Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute (OHMI). Comprehensive development of higher education, continuous improvement of educational and scientific processes and development of infrastructure was the basis for the Government of Ukraine to transform Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute into a University. On 9 August 2001 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine created Odessa State Environmental University on the basis of OHMI. Within the 89-year period of history of the University there developed two specific areas of training and research. On the one hand, historically, there developed a unique direction for Ukraine, related to training of engineering and research personnel in the field of Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of the Natural Environment. On the other hand, specific meteorological field of study provided for development of potent human resources, methodical and research basis for establishment of a University of Higher Environmental Education. Nowadays Odessa State Environmental University is a unique higher education institution of the 4th level of accreditation which provides training in the field of Hydrometeorology, Environmental Science, Environmental Monitoring and Control, Organization of Environmental Activities, Environmental Law and Environmental Audit, Geodesy and Land Management, Sustainable Tourism, Water Bioresources and Aquaculture, Protection, Reproduction and Sustainable Use of Hydrobioresources, Environmental Economics and Management, Automated Environmental Monitoring Systems, Geographic Information Systems and Technologies. Currently, OSENU structural subdivisions include: Kherson Technical School of Hydrometeorology and Odessa College of Computer Technologies, the Educational and Research Hydrometeorological Institute, three faculties (the Nature Protection Faculty, the Faculty of Computer Science, Management and Administration, and the Faculty of Master Training), the Training and Consultancy Centre of Distance Learning, the Centre for Continuing Studies, the Preparatory Department, the Dean’s Office for the Work with Foreign Students, the International Training Centre, etc. “Our mission is to change the worldview of our society and leave the nature, which is comfortable to live in, to the descendants. Join our work!” - Sergiy M. Stepanenko, Ukrainian ecologist, Rector of Odessa State Environmental University, DSc (Physics and Mathematics), Professor. To provide practical training at the university there are training laboratories, research and training bases for practical placements: The Hydroecological Laboratory – on the Dniester River in the village of Maiaky (for training of hydrologists, hydrographers, ecologists and experts in the field of ichthyology and water bioresources), The Geophysical Laboratory – on the shores of the Black Sea within the Otrada (for the training of oceanographers, hydrographers, meteorologists and ecologists), The Meteorological Laboratory – in the village of Chornomorka (for training of meteorologists, agrometeorologists, radio meteorologists and ecologists). The university has a joint computer centre, library and reading rooms with a total fund of educational and scientific literature of about 500 thousand volumes, and since 2005 there is an electronic library of the university and a repository. At Odessa State Environmental University, there provided Doctorate and Post-Graduate studies, and there operate three specialized Academic Councils for defence of doctoral and PhD theses in five research areas. Currently, about 200 research and teaching staff are employed at 21 departments of the University. More than 2/3 of them hold a PhD or a DSc degree, 15 OSENU Professors and researchers are Academicians and Corresponding Members of various academies of Ukraine, the CIS countries, the European Union and the United States. The structure of the educational process at OSENU is close to international standards. Since 2004, the training of specialists at the levels of higher education meets the structure and requirements of the standards of the credit-accumulation system of the educational process. All specialties for which higher education students are trained at OSENU are accredited at the IV level.

“Our mission is to change the worldview of our society and leave the nature, which is comfortable to live in, to the descendants. Join our work!”

- Sergiy M. Stepanenko, Ukrainian ecologist, Rector of Odessa State Environmental University, DSc (Physics and Mathematics), Professor.

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Youth direction "Ecospace"
Everything for comfortable learning To support the study process, research and recreation of students there created good conditions such as modern educational, scientific and social infrastructure (canteen, sports hall and dormitories) of the University in the territory of a single campus in the resort district of Odessa. Since 2007, the University has put into operation a modern sports complex with a swimming pool, numerous game rooms, sports fields and pitches, a shooting range and tennis courts. On the beach in the recreational area of the city are student preventorium. Additional opportunities During the period of study at the university, students and cadets can receive a second higher education or working specialty, take advanced courses in foreign languages, get a personal watercraft (PWC) driving licence. Learning foreign languages Second higher education or working specialty Personal watercraft (PWC) driving licence

About university

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Все для комфортного навчання

Для забезпечення навчального процесу, наукових досліджень та відпочинку студентів створені гарні умови – сучасна навчальна, наука та соціальна інфраструктура (їдальня, спортивний корпус та гуртожитки) університету об’єднані в єдиному кампусі у курортному районі м. Одеса.

З 2007 року в університеті введений в дію сучасний спортивний комплекс з плавальним басейном, численними ігровими залами, спортивними майданчиками і секціями, тиром та тенісними кортами. На березі моря в рекреаційній зоні міста розташовані студентський профілакторій.

Додаткові можливості

У період навчання в університеті студенти та курсанти можуть отримати другу вищу освіту або робочу спеціальність, пройти курси поглибленого вивчання іноземних мов, дістати права водія плавзасобів.

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