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About subdivisions of the university block

Dormitory 1


Dormitory 1 is located on the territory of OSENU Campus at the address: Odessa, 15 A  Lvivska Street.

Dormitory 1 is housed in a typical 6-storey block-type building with 620 beds. According to the plan, the dormitory consists of the following premises: living blocks, insulator, kitchens, showers, bathrooms, washbasins, pantry for storage of personal belongings. Storage of personal belongings in the storage room on a free basis. On each floor (from the second to the ninth floor) there are blocks of living rooms. The block consists of: 8 living rooms (2 and 3 beds), kitchen, bathroom (two bathrooms, washbasin), corridor. Room for 2 beds – 12 square meters. m, for 3 beds – 18 sq.m. The rooms are equipped with hard and soft equipment. Living quarters for residents are located in each block. The kitchens are equipped with 2 washbasins, 2 electric stoves, tables. Public showers (men’s and women’s) (according to the dormitory construction project) are located in the basement. On the ground floor there is an insulator (separate block with separate entrance) – two rooms with 3 beds. On the ground floor of the dormitory there are administrative premises, laundry (2 washing machines are installed) (according to the lease agreement – self-service principle – works round the clock). Bed linen is changed regularly, and personal bed linen is allowed at the request of the dormitory residents.

Dormitory 1 has a security post (round the clock), entrance to the dormitory by pass, which is issued to residents when settling in the dormitory.

The watchman is equipped with a centralized button “Call the security service”, which helps in case of unforeseen circumstances.

At the entrance to the dormitory 1 a stationary system of temperature control of the residents is installed

The dormitory 1 has a student self-government body that helps the dormitory administration in various areas: settlement in the dormitory for the new school year, control over the living conditions in the dormitory and more.


Dormitory 3


Dormitory 3 is a dormitory with improved living conditions, located on the territory of ODEKU Campus at the address: Odessa, 15 A  Lvivska Street (entrance from Makarenko Street).

The dormitory is used to provide beds per day for participants of scientific and student international, regional, regional and other conferences, competitions, etc. Dormitory 3 can accommodate 75 people at a time (8 rooms for 1 person, 8 rooms for 2 people; 10 rooms for 3-5 people, there are 9 two-room rooms, which are equipped with TV and air conditioning

Dormitory 3 provides all the conditions (improved) for living, namely: each room has separate bathrooms (toilet, shower, sink), each room has a refrigerator, room equipped with furniture and soft furnishings, cold and hot water supply – round the clock. Dormitory 3 has free internet access. The dormitory is open 24 hours a day.

As of 1 March 2021, the prices for accommodation in the Dormitory 3 (with improved living conditions) of OSENU for one bed per day (including 20% ​​VAT):

– in a multi-bed room – UAH 300.00.

– in a double one-room room – UAH 320.00.

– in a double two-room room – UAH 360.00.

– in a double room with air conditioning – UAH 400.00.

– in an air-conditioned room – UAH 450.00

A sports mini-playground is equipped separately near the dormitory 3.

Convenient transport to the dormitories of OSENU Campus: A fixed-route taxi from the railway station: № 185 Lvivska – stop “University”. Also used fixed-route taxi No. 150, 146, 127, 191 – to the stop ‘Lvivska street’ and further on foot to OSENU.

OSENU sports complex

On the campus – a sports complex (year of commissioning in 2007). There is a pool on 5 tracks 25 meters long. There are halls for mini-football, basketball, gym, etc. Students visit the sports complex as part of the educational process. In the surrounding area there are tennis courts and a mini-football field.