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Participation of OdEkU in the European Union COST program on modeling of viruses

  • 2.07.2021

We invite to the university entrants who are interested in research in bioinformatics, which is a global trend in recent times.

Odessa State Environmental University takes an active part in the EU COST program of international cooperation, Action CA16227 “Investigation and Mathematical Analysis of Avant-Garde Disease Control via Mosquito Nano-Tech Repellent”. As part of the program, in May-June 2021, Professor Dmitry Zaitsev visited the Techno Park of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain with a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) in order to improve mathematical and simulation models of the spread of viruses and insects. During the visit, Professor Zaitsev. made a presentation “Modeling of mosquitoes and viruses by cellular automata and Petri nets” at the hybrid conference “Society, health and economy”. In close cooperation with an international team of scientists, which includes virologists, entomologists, physicians, chemists, pharmacists, specialists in the field of computer science and information technology, further development of mathematical models of the processes of the spread of viruses, including Ebola and COVID, has been carried out. The model parameters were fine-tuned using statistical information on the distribution of diseases and insects, especially provided by Florida Health and Anastasia Mosquito Control District, FLorida, USA. Based on the results of a short-term scientific mission, in cooperation with colleagues from the EU countries, joint scientific publications have been prepared. A publication dedicated to models in the form of infinite Petri nets with the Moore neighborhood was presented at the international conference “Information and Digital Technologies” organized by the IEEE, which took place at the end of June in Slovakia.